Sports colours criteria

Sports colours are awarded to pupils who have achieved very high standards in one or more activities normally whilst representing QAHS.
Colours are not awarded lightly and cannot be achieved simply by taking part in a school club for a period of time.

In order to be awarded colours, pupils must meet the following criteria;

• have represented the region and/or country in a sport(s)
• have performed at a high level in regional or national championships, ie. finalist /winner.
• have been a member of a successful school team, ie. finalists / winners of regional / national competition.

The activities in which colours awards are made would be those normally considered ‘school’ activities. When QAHS pupils perform with distinction in other, perhaps less mainstream activities, each would be considered on their individual merits by P.E. Department staff and SMT.

Pupils in S3 – 6 being awarded colours will receive a tie. If they already have one they will receive a dated certificate.
Pupils in S1/2 being awarded colours will receive a dated certificate.

Certificates of Achievement
Certificates of achievement will be awarded to pupils in S1 – 6 who have been involved in a school based sports club for a reasonable length of time and have shown commitment and reliability. They will have represented the school in inter school matches, competitions, tournaments and festivals. Such pupils will have represented QAHS with credit and will also have shown a positive attitude to all aspects of their work in all classes throughout the school.