Physical Education – S1, S2 and S3 Broad General Education PE Programme

The S1/2 Physical Education course enables pupils to take part in a range of physical activities. It aims to help them understand the principles involved and through practical experience to learn to apply these principles to a variety of activities.

The course also encourages pupils to make and accept decisions and to take responsibility.

Each school chooses its own combination of physical activities.

We at Queen Anne are currently including hockey, football, basketball, badminton, gymnastics, fitness, rugby, rowing and athletics.

All pupils in First and Second years receive 2 periods of Physical Education in one week. Each period lasts for 53 minutes. The classes are mixed ability and are co-educational on occasions, where the timetable permits, classes are taught in single sex groups. In S2 however, attempts will be made, where possible, to set classes for appropriate activities if it is deemed to be beneficial to learning. This will articulate with School Policy and will be subject to review at the end of the year.

The activities are taught in units of weeks referred to as blocks. The S1 programme will mirror the programme in S2. At the end of S2 all boys and girls will have been subjected to the same learning experiences for the same length of time.

The length of time each block lasts for is subject to an Annual Review by the Department. Consideration will be given in session 2012/2013 for blocks to last 10 weeks.

The learning experiences will be teacher directed in the main but opportunity for practising and refining skills will always be given. Pupils will also be encouraged to solve problems and to devise and create individual actions.

The emphasis for this group in following a common course is laid on developing movement skills, competencies and concepts, co-operation and competition, and evaluating and appreciating.

S1/S2 Assessment

For each activity, assessment is in the form of a tick system. For movement skills, competencies and concepts there is criteria specific to that activity. For example, push pass or indian dribble in hockey.
The class teacher will assess by proving one, two or three ticks under each piece of criteria. The average amount of ticks will determine whether that particular pupil is developing, consolidating or secure in his/her level.

S3 Broad General Education

All pupils in Third Year receive two periods of Physical Education each week i.e. 106 minutes. Classes are set in terms of ability and are given a limited choice in terms of what activity they would prefer to do. The activity chosen by the pupils is determined by what facility that specific class has for their block.

S2 Elective

The S2 Elective is a new course inspired by the curriculum for excellence. Should pupils elect PE for one of their three electives (lasting 13 weeks and on a rotational basis) they will learn how to lead and deliver a tournament to their peers demonstrating organisation skills, safety issues, time keeping and communication skills. By doing this pupils will demonstrate the ability to be successful learners, responsible citizens, confident indiviuals and effective contributors.

S3 Elective and National 4/5

Pupils who elect PE as a third year course will experience blocks of activities based on their choice at the beginning of the year. This year’s group will start their course with either:

  • Football-Rugby-Hockey-Badminton
  • Rugby-Hockey-Football-Badminton
  • Gymnastics-Basketball-Table Tennis-Badminton
  • Basketball-Netball-Badminton-Volleyball

All pupils will be expected to maintain an activity booklet to determine whether they are candidates for National 4 or 5 in S4.

S4 Core PE

All pupils in Fourth year receive two periods of Physical Education each week i.e. 106 minutes.

The activities include:

  • Athletics
  • Badminton
  • Gymnastics
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Orienteering
  • Walking
  • Hockey
  • Rowing
  • Fitness
  • Multi-Gym
  • Dance
  • Softball

The emphasis here is based on pupils actively applying skills, using their knowledge and understanding of movements in more specialised units of work.

The Learning Experiences at this stage of the pupils’ programme will continue to give opportunity for practising and refining skills and to solve problems for themselves. Pupils will also be encouraged to meet challenges, adopt different roles and to co-operate with their group.

Core PEclasses are allocated in accordance with their replies to a Questionnaire which is issued towards the end of the Session.